teisipäev, 8. juuli 2008

On vacation

We are in Setumaa now, where there is always something going on, always some guests visiting and always some hungry mouths to feed (in addition to Riinu and Päretl, we have Mart's teenage sons Mats and Mihkel). And no internet.
I'll rest in September when we are back in town.
But the forest is full of mouth-watering wild strawberries.

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Martasmimi ütles ...

Helen...when you get some time would you send me an Email address
so that Marta can write to Riinu?

She misses Riinu and I think it would be good for Marta as well as Riinu.
Thank you and I love you photo's

The pie/cake looked so yummie!
Christine... Marta's Mimi