esmaspäev, 1. september 2008

Back in town

This is just a short notice to let you know that our town routine has been re-established and we are online again. Which hopefully means more posts for the future.
Riinu is attending kindergarten/daycare/preschool/whatever (would someone please tell me what would be the correct term?).
Pärtel is staying home with me and we are going to practice spending some time in the daycare as well. So far he seems convinced that his welfare is the best when he is glued to me.
Mart is conferencing somewhere in Portugal.
And I'm trying to get our home in some kind of order, at the same time drying onions, peeling apples, baking beans, cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing. Routine.

My darling and only Grandmother would have turned 100 today (Sept 1st). We had a party for her with most of her offspring at the place where she lived and where I spent so many wonderful summers.
Below is the picture about research of chicken. Pärtel actually stood still for whole 3 minutes which is very unusual for him. Maybe we should get hen?

And I finally got Skype and the headset! Who wants to chat?

3 kommentaari:

Tanel ütles ...

Kanadega pilt on ülilahe!
P.S. Mul on ka skype ja isegi mingi hädine veebkämm.

Helen ütles ...

ei ma tuud tiä.

Aga sul on tasuta helistamine niikuinii.

Martasmimi ütles ...

Marta will chat with you Let us know !