pühapäev, 23. märts 2008

Riinu and the Missing Tiger

A year ago Riinu got a little Tiger for Christmas, from the US Santa. It immediately came her very favourite. The Tiger has been everywhere with us. It often eats with us and watches Riinu take a bath. It comes to playgrounds and travels. Riinu says that she loves all her animals, but the Little Tiger is just the best.
A couple of weeks ago the Tiger went missing.
We could not remember what had happened to it. I thought that Riinu had put it in one of her bags (her favourite game - put things in bags). But no. I thought that it would eventually turn out. But no. I searched. Then Riinu said that the Tiger went to Sweden, for a travel. And it will be back by Easter. She repeated in every day - it will come home for Easter. Then, 2 days before Easter Friday, she said: "The Tiger is not coming back. It will stay in Sweden". I got really sad.
And felt an enormous burden of responsibility - could we have it home for Easter? But where is it????
Mart said that it can be her lesson of life - that sometimes things go missing. Even very dear things (or persons).
I couldn't give up that easily. I started to remember all the places we had been to during the last 3 weeks. In the beginning of March we had been in a hotel in Otepää (about 40 min from Tartu) and the tiger was definitely there with us. So I called the hotel and sent them the picture. And there it was! I was so relieved that tears came.
So, the night before Easter Friday the Tiger came home. We had Riinu have her story - that the tiger was in Sweden and now came back. Riinu just laughed, sort of a relaxing laugh, all night. She was also very surprised - how did get back? Did it come by bus or by plane? But how?
I'm not sure what she really thinks. Things must be complicated for a 3-year-old who does not yet know about the functioning of the world...

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