reede, 27. märts 2009

Pärtel on skies

The post below is about our family as skiing fans.
Riinu started the winter before she was 3. Now she can ski quite all right for her age. And she can do a little down-hill skiing as well.
But Pärtel can ski as well! His first time on skies was at the age of 1 y and 9 months - in December.
He skies a bit now, but for my terrific surprise and amazement Mart has taught him also how to ski down hill. We are not talking about big hills, but small ones, but still - it's quite noteworthy and amazing.
They both ski on level land land (cross-country) as well. More or less. Riinu can do about half a mile with quite an ease.

Look at the video, turn on the voice and enjoy!

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Martasmimi ütles ...

This brought a big smile to my face...
I remember when Justin & Ian were little ones on ski's...