pühapäev, 15. juuni 2008

We've got a cat!

We took a big step and a big responsibility - we got a cat.
His name is Miisu and his about 2.5 months old. He has been an outdoors cat so far, but we'll have hime indoors, and outdoors when we go to Setumaa. Miisu is actually from Setumaa, we got him from our friends who live there.

We have planned to have a cat for about a year, but I've always felt that Pärtel was still too small. Now he has grown, and I am ready!

Miisu has adjusted very well. He only cried a bit. He likes to be petted so much! He enjoys cuddles and touches and human warmth. Very social. Ha has also already used his "restroom" purposefully:) And I am really glad about that. I just hope that he will continue that habit and that he won't be crying me up tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock... Today is his first day in his new home and our lives will never be the same again...

3 kommentaari:

U.S. Mom ütles ...

Oh, the kitten reminds me of Maggie!
You are so right that things will never be the same. A pet is a great responsibility. I often think more work at the beginning than a baby since it is so independent and a baby is confined.
I know how much the children will enjoy it. Moms do so many things for children that are not often easy for them. Owen and Luke often ask where is our dog. They think everyone should have a pet. I tell them we have had many pets and now it is time to relax without that responsibility.

Helen ütles ...

well, so far he is a very easy baby. I've never had a baby who just eats and sleeps. And plays. Riinu and Pärtel have both been very demanding. Miisu is super easy.
And super cute. I have even spotted Mart peeting him:) (Mart is not a cat fan so far:)

Martasmimi ütles ...

Congratulations on your new
I love orange kitties and the kitty
looks like he has made himself
very comfortable in his new home.