pühapäev, 27. aprill 2008

Passionate Pärtel

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If I had to describe Pärtel with one word, it would be: PASSIONATE.
He is passionate about everything: the way he smiles, cries, laughs, moves, eats, plays... And he has always been that way.
When he laughs, it is not just in his mouth, but also in his eyes, cheeks, hair, hands, and legs. When he sees a cat or a dog, he screams passionately. The same goes for trains, tractors and all large vehicles.
Unfortunately, he can be also passionately sad. He cries with pure passion. I have see these looks at streets many times, telling me: "What have you done to this poor baby that made him cry so bad?" Well... he is just passionate!

Pärtel is also extremely mobile. he doesn't stop moving. He is not a baby who sits down and plays with things, oh no! And he has always been like that. He loves to run and climb. Climb anything and any time. It must have been so frustrating for him for his first 10 months when he couldn't walk yet! Now he is a really happy boy!

Pärtel has a passionate relationship with food as well. Namely, he loves food! Almost any food, eating twice as much as Riinu. He seems to be especially specialized in all kind of desserts. Riinu only cares for candy and ice-cream, but Pärtel is always ready to experience some new sweet treats. Passionately!

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