kolmapäev, 16. aprill 2008

The Princess Era

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Lühidalt: Riinu armastab olla printsess. Riiete valmisest ka.

The Princess Era has arrived our house. The Era got a definite kick from her friend Marta, who has a house full of different princess dresses. Mermaid dress, Cinderella dress, Snow-White dress, just a princess dress - you name it, she has it. What a dream for a little girl! Now that Riinu has been going to daycare at Marta's, her princess-affection has certainly increased. As soon as she gets there, she quickly changes into one of the princess-dresses. And when I go to pick her up, she always tells me, who was what. Like: "I was Cinderella today, Marta was a Mermaid and Leenu was Snow-White". It is very important to her.

So, the other day we went to a second-hand store, to look for a shirt, but found this instead:

She just LOVES this dress. Well, most grown-ups would probably agree that this is not a very pretty dress. And it is very uncomfortable. Riinu, however, wants to wear it all the time and everywhere. So I let her wear it at home, not all the time, but quite a lot. Let her have her princess-time. I can't remember having such a Princess-era in my childhood...

She started caring about clothes when she turned 3. At fall I noticed that she didn't want to wear pants any more. Only dresses. OK, we have many dresses that have been inherited or given to us. I have only bought a few. But now she is getting even more picky. Any dress doesn't do it any more. She prefers party dresses, not nice and modest-looking pastel-tone dresses that I would choose for her. It is getting difficult, I have to admit. And I realize that this is only the beginning... The teenage years are still to come!

This here is her real party dress, which I like as much as she does. That's a dress she does not wear every day! The picture is taken on Riinu's 3rd Birthday last May.

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Giustino ütles ...

Ta võiks selle printsessikleidi lasteaeda kaasa võtta?
(She could take this dress to school, too?)

Martasmimi ütles ...


Justin wrote a story about this.
You might find it interesting to read.

I so enjoy reading the stories about the children and your photos are great.
Loved the gold dress.
Marta's Mimi found 7 dress up dresses on EBay..
I am sending them for everyone to enjoy.