neljapäev, 4. detsember 2008

The Little Mermaid

When Riinu was about 1.5-2 years old, she got a present from my US host-parents: a DVD of the Little Mermaid. We tried to watch it, but she got so scared that started to cry. She still cried when we tried to watch it again at 2.5 years. And she did not want to see it at 3.5 years. At the age of 4, she still didn't show much interest. The fear was there.

But then - the princess era arrived. Princess books, princess dresses at Marta's place and all this. Ariel, the Little Mermaid, became her favorite character among all the Cinderellas, Snow-Whites and others. So one day this fall, she discovered that we have the Ariel-DVD!
And now, at the age of 4.5, it has become her very favourite. She watched it the day before yesterday, yesterday (we stayed home because she looked like she was getting sick) and today (she was a bit sick). Tonight she insisted on watching it again. We didn't, however, but found something else to do. Just for change.

Her favorite part is about Ariel and the Prince getting together. Today she said, when watching them get married: "It is so beautiful that it makes me cry". And indeed, there were little tears in her eyes...

By the way, the movie is all in English, I have not translated it to her and she has all figured it out by herself.

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Martasmimi ütles ...

This was such a sweet story and I am happy that she was able to overcome her worries and finally enjoy the movie.
I was wondering if Marta had shared her new collection of "Wonder Pets" DVD's.
She has two but they each have several short save the baby whatever stories on them.
I try and encourage her interest in The Wonder Pets because they are a musical show and the little Duck, Turtle & Hamster sing most of each story. They always have stories that teach good life lessons and values in their little films.
Anna enjoys them a bit although she isn't in one place long enough to see that much of them....She needs to keep moving so many things to wreck & ruin.
She is so funny.
Do you know I am coming on December 29th.
It's a secret Marta doesn't know .
It will be nice to finally meet you and your family..

Helen ütles ...

Yes, I heard rumors that you are coming. It will be a huge surprise to Marta!
We'll see on Marta's birthday! Riinu will probably spend all day there...
We haven't seen Marta's Wonder Pets DVD yet, but I'll bring it up in a conversation soon :)

Martasmimi ütles ...

I have this fantasy moment where I am at their door with a very large red bow wrapped around my neck ....
and then Marta opens the door...
I am very excited about coming although as we all know Mimi is not very fond of the transportation involved in getting there.
Anna called tonight to say that she can say Mimi & Popa...
I was so happy to hear her.
Justin said that he said lets call Popa and she said "Mimi" and she said it over and over again. I guess it has been sitting in her head for awhile and she found away to get it out.
A very special moment for us so far away.